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Broken Heroes was formed in 1991 by a bunch of skinheads who appreciated some of the more melodic English Oi! Bands of the day. Once formed, they hit the ground running playing many shows in the NJ/NY area and people really seemed to enjoy it. One particular guy who enjoyed it was Armen of The Wretched Ones and Headache Records who approached Broken Heroes and offered to put out a 7”…..Jump For Oi! Was born. The 7” was raw and poorly recorded, as most of the releases back then were but it went over really well. Media Blowout 7” came out next and these two 7”s on Headache Records formed the base for Broken Heroes. In 1993, Broken Heroes played right before the big riot at the United Front Unity fest in Washington DC. What a weekend that was but the crowd really responded to Broken Heroes to the point that they had to stop playing due to too many people on the stage! In 1994 they got to play with The Business, one of their main influences, at their first American show. Later that year they did the east coast part of their tour. This set the stage for Broken Heroes to become a major force in NJ Oi! Unfortunatly, that didn’t happen. Instead the band slowed down and eventually broke up in the late 90’s. 2 years later, Broken Heroes got back together. All amped up and ready to go they released a split CD with Pittsburgh’s The Weekend Warriors called Beer Guts and Drunk Sluts. While the recording on this CD was raw, it did fairly well. A few years later Broken Heroes decided to put out their debut full length CD, I Told You Once….the art work changed the name and it ended up being I Told U Once. While the album contained good music, the recording was terrible…the tracking was screwed up and frankly the CD ended up with the word “Streetpunk” on it somehow, something that Broken Heroes hates. Their feeling is that the word Streetpunk is for bands who are too scared to use the proper word “Oi!” because of the skinhead stigma attached to it. I Told U Once was supposed to be Broken Heroes BIG release, but they felt it was a big flop all around. A disappointment. The years that followed Broken Heroes really tried to find itself in a dying scene.

Broken Heroes was on the verge of failure again with multiple members quitting when Pete and Tim got together and realized that the band had lost its way. That we had gotten so far from what we started out to do that it was no longer Broken Heroes. We decided to try it again with new members. We got Andy from Niblick Henbane fame on Bass, Scotty Violence from Armed Suspects on vocals and Suedehead Steve on drums and started writing.

Together they starting doing what they do best and wrote what they feel is the greatest comeback ever and titled it appropriately “THIS IS Oi!” The name itself is a statement. This is not some half assed “street punk” garbage….this is fucking Oi! Unashamed. Broken Heroes future is unwritten but once again they are at the top of their game and will continue to write and tour. Oi is close to their heart and that’s what they are going to do.

Track Listing 1. This Is OI! 2. Blind Retribution 3. Drink 4. On The Attack 5. Piece By Piece 6. OI! Dont Pay The Bills 7. Cant Understand Normal Thinking 8. From You 9. Skinhead Not A Politician 10. Shoulda Been 11. 100% Class

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